Roller shutter systems are the ideal way to control the climate inside your greenhouse and to shield your sidewalls.To provide maximum control over the screen, it is important that they can be raised and lowered smoothly and without creasing.Farmgeeker  PowerRoller is the ideal solution. This innovative and powerful drive system allows you to roll long polyethylene films or screens up and down neatly and easily without creasing. This also extends the life of the screening system . Another. The advantage is the compact design of the system, which means Farmgeeker  PowerRoller Can be used in any glass or plastic greenhouse.    The system is also very easy to install. 
Farmgeeker  PowerRoller Can be used for applications along the sidewalls of a greenhouse or to operate roof-mounted roller shutters.Farmgeeker  PowerRoller compatibility with Farmgeeker The counterweight system is delivered in combination. This guarantees extremely smooth winding and unwinding movements, further minimizing crease formation. In brief.  Farmgeeker PowerRoller A highly reliable and simple method of operating roller shutters in greenhouses.    
"Farmgeeker PowerRoller Sidewall roller shutters can be maximized for maximum control of the climate in the greenhouse"

All the benefits at a glance

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