Intelligent motors

our RW Motor gearboxes have long been the solution of choice for greenhouse builders. They have been specifically developed to allow growers to accurately control the climate in their greenhouses.RW Intelligent and reliable design means it ensures constant control of vent and screen positions, whatever the conditions, load or type of greenhouse.   
Farmgeeker RW make up (a prescription)Compact and extremely reliable self-braking drives are the standard in glasshouse drive technology. Our wide range of RW Motors include many different models with different speeds, torques and voltages. This means that the same universal drive can be used for different projects, applications and systems.   
RW Motors are easy to install and user friendly. Greenhouse builders and installers love using our systems because they are so easy to install. The strengths of our motors are their reliability and the extremely high torque and peak loads they can handle.RW High motor reliability and long service life.   

All the advantages of RW motors at a glance

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