Gearboxes and cardan shafts

FarmgeekerOffers a wide range of gearboxes and cardan shafts for greenhouse horticulture.FarmgeekerUnderstanding the importance of a good drive system for growers. We work with greenhouse builders and installers to develop the best drive solutions using our expertise and innovative technology to make growing easier.  
These solutions not only enable growers to achieve the perfect greenhouse climate, they also give them complete control over the greenhouse and its interior for ultimate reliability and peace of mind. As greenhouse horticulture evolves globally, we are also meeting the demand for drive systems optimized for local conditions and practices.  
We offer a wide range of gearboxes and cardan shafts, including many different models of worm gearboxes, gear units, manual drive systems and sliding cardan shafts.

All the advantages of Ridder gearboxes and cardan shafts at a glance

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