Introduction to greenhouse environmental monitoring system (characteristics of greenhouse environmental monitoring system)

Introduction to greenhouse environmental monitoring system (characteristics of greenhouse environmental monitoring system)

  Greenhouse Environment Monitoring System, is a greenhouse environment monitoring system that utilizes environmental data and crop information to guide users in proper cultivation management.

  Greenhouse environment monitoring system can be widely used in agriculture, horticulture, animal husbandry and other fields, in the need for special environmental requirements of the implementation of monitoring and management, in order to realize the healthy growth of ecological crops and timely adjustment of cultivation, management and other measures to provide timely scientific basis, while realizing the supervision of automation.

  I. Characteristics of greenhouse environmental monitoring systems

  1, the focus of real-time monitoring of intelligent - Internet of Things, sensor networks, automation technology, the comprehensive integration of the application of online perception of the "health status" of the greenhouse, remote monitoring function in time to respond to the abnormal crop growth environment in the greenhouse.

  2、Unified three-dimensional agricultural data - comprehensive integration of all kinds of agriculture-related information (greenhouse monitoring data, agricultural price information, weather information, labor information, etc.), so that the information related to the production and life of farmers is comprehensive and integrated.

  3, control and efficient - process technology, real-time monitoring and surveillance technology, to ensure that farmers can be at home on the greenhouse growth environment is in the palm of your hand, improve production efficiency, and realize efficient agriculture.

  4、Digitization of expert skills - rich expert knowledge base supplemented by expert online consulting function, which allows farmers and experts to interact and communicate with each other in real time.

  5. Agricultural information platformization - to create an online website platform for agricultural information, which facilitates farmers to query all kinds of information related to agricultural life.

  II. Functions of the greenhouse environment monitoring system

  1, online real-time collection and recording of monitoring points of temperature, humidity, soil pH, carbon dioxide concentration, illumination and other parameters, to digital, graphic and image and other ways to real-time display and record storage, monitoring points can be expanded up to several thousand.

  2, you can set the alarm limit value of the parameters of each monitoring point, when there is an abnormal data of the monitored points can automatically send out an alarm signal. Alarm methods include: on-site multimedia sound and light alarms, network client alarms, telephone voice alarms, cell phone short message alarms and so on. Upload alarm information and conduct local and remote monitoring, the system can notify different duty personnel at different times.

  3、Can linkage associated equipment. In the event of over-limit alarm, you can turn on the exhaust fan or start electric heating and other equipment according to the preset linkage equipment.

  4、Monitoring software adopts standard Chinese graphical interface, real-time display and record the environmental parameters and curve changes of each monitoring point, and according to the historical data, statistics of the maximum value, minimum value and average value.

  5. Powerful data processing and communication capability. Adopting computer network communication technology, any computer in the LAN can access the monitoring system, view the monitoring data changes in the monitoring point online, and realize remote monitoring. The system is not only able to monitor in the duty room, but also the leaders can watch the monitoring data very conveniently in their own offices.

  6, the system can expand a variety of records data analysis and processing software, can draw bar graphs, pie charts, curve fitting and other processing, but also into the EXCEL spreadsheet and other Office software for data processing.

  7, the preparation of the control software using software engineering management, openness and expandability is very strong, due to the use of hardware functionality software system design ideas, and the modularity of the system hardware, communication network design, the system can be upgraded according to the need to upgrade the software function and expand the types of hardware.

  8, the system design is reserved for interfaces, can be increased or decreased at any time hardware and software equipment, the system just do a small amount of change can be completed in a very short period of time. New content can be added at any time according to user needs.

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