Digital Agriculture Big Data Service Platform

Landing in the district and county as a unit, with 1+1+N service framework, to build a set of agricultural big data service platform, build a set of digital agriculture cloud platform, N digital agriculture production, supply, marketing, management services. Drive the digitalization and upgrading of the agricultural industry in districts and counties.

Service Clients

District and county agricultural governments

Digital Rural Development

Agricultural Industrial Park

Digital management of parks

Agricultural demonstration zones

Digitalization of high-standard production

Digitalization Practices in the Agricultural Industry

Through strong and professional localization service capabilities.
Conducting government/park agricultural industry digitalization practice and promoting the digital upgrade of the agricultural industry

Basic digital agriculture in one map

A universal map tailored to the needs of agricultural governments.
Digitization to assist government decision-making

A map showing the distribution of major industries in the region

Overview of core data indicators in the statistical region

Benchmarking new national agricultural development goals

Dynamic display of the distribution of leading industries in the region

Evaluate the production and operation situation of enterprises with data

Backcasting agricultural quality data from consumer data in the region

Analyzing market trends through big data collection

Real-time feedback on expert services data

District-wide/sub-park presentation of data through the countywide

Provide one map customization service according to specific needs

business management (as a study)

Digitization of business management in the region

1. Governments can use this function to drive the computerization of production processes with agribusinesses in the region;

2. After the government opens the JinduCity service, enterprises in the region will apply for stationing in the front-end, and they can use the platform only after the government has approved the application;

3. Centralized management of enterprises in the region, with information on enterprises and farms at a glance.

Traceability regulation of agricultural products

Ensuring food safety of agricultural products in the region

1. Categorized view of information on agricultural products in the region;

2. One-click traceability and personalized traceability information tracking for agricultural products;

3. Information management of consumer complaints.


Agricultural Certification Services

Three Products One Standard Certification Audit

1. Provide the government with the ability to manage agricultural certification services, and may open up the ability to provide agricultural certification services to enterprises in the region as needed;

2. Enterprises can select the types of agricultural products they want to certify according to their needs and submit them to the government side for certification and review.

Specialist services

Provision of agricultural expert services to enterprises located in the region

1. Government agricultural expert pool, the government can station the existing experts on the platform, and enterprises in the region can directly find the corresponding experts on the enterprise side for consultation;

2. Agricultural experts from enterprises in the district can also join the district and county expert pools through the enterprise terminal and become local agricultural experts;

3. Experts provide advisory services to enterprises through mobile.

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