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In order to protect the earth, in order to promote the modernization of agricultural hardware and software localization, not to be foreign necklace. Geeks New Agriculture, gathering top domestic agricultural experts and software and hardware research and development team.Dedicated to providing a full range of total solutions for environmental control, irrigation control, and energy control.

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Our Solutions

Intelligent greenhouse environmental control

Environmental profiles can be precisely set for each 24-hour period, providing growers with a better environmental control solution.

Intelligent irrigation process control

The smart irrigation control system automatically applies years of experience in irrigation, water disinfection and nutrient dosing to ensure that growers manage greenhouse irrigation in the best possible way.

Smart Energy Process Control

Through the low-cost energy solutions such as photovoltaic, energy storage and ground source heat pump accumulated over the years, together with the precise energy control system, we provide the most suitable energy solutions for growers.

Smart Hardware Products

The use of supporting intelligent hardware more accurate for the process of temperature, light, water and air fertilizer control, because after repeated polishing of multiple scenarios, the maximum degree of soft and hard to achieve the best use of the effect.
For efficient and safe disinfection of irrigation water. Using the principle of high intensity ultraviolet radiation, the disinfector meets higher capacity irrigation water disinfection, directly destroys viral DNA with disinfection efficiency up to 99% and protects crops from pathogens. The system can not only disinfect irrigation water, but also thoroughly disinfect recycled and reused return water, which can save expensive fertilizers and fully reduce production costs.

It is used for pretreatment of irrigation water. Pre-neutralize HCO3- ions in the water source to form a more stable acidic water source, and then neutralize most of the HCO3- ions through initial and cyclic adjustment, and then further eliminate the HCO3- ions to obtain a stable pH value so that plants can absorb fertilizer more effectively, improve crop yield and crop quality.

Used in greenhouse soil cultivation irrigation systems, it helps growers inject fertilizer directly into the supply pipeline, easily achieving pharmaceutical-grade fertilization uniformity and fully guaranteeing crop growth consistency.

Project Case

Typical project cases

We have actual landed projects in Yunnan, Shandong, Henan, Jiangxi, Gansu, Xinjiang and other provinces and cities, so you can contact us for a site visit.
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