Acid blender

It is used for pretreatment of irrigation water. Pre-neutralize HCO3- ions in the water source to form a more stable acidic water source, and then neutralize most of the HCO3- ions through initial and cyclic adjustment, and then further eliminate the HCO3- ions to obtain a stable pH value so that plants can absorb fertilizer more effectively, improve crop yield and crop quality.

For water pre-treatment

Pre-treatment of the water source to adjust the acid, pre-neutralization of HCO3- ions, the formation of a more stable acidic water source. The acid adjustment process is divided into two steps. The first step is the initial conditioning, which neutralizes most of the HCO3- ions. The second part, the cycle of regulation, to further eliminate HCO3- ions. The recommended set point pH setting for the acid conditioner is 5.3. Not all bicarbonate should be eliminated. A certain concentration is needed to maintain buffering to keep the pH stable during fertilizer distribution. Reasonable HCO3- salt concentration: 0.3-0.5 mmol/l or 6.1-30.5 mg/L .

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