Ultraviolet disinfection machine

For efficient and safe disinfection of irrigation water. Using the principle of high intensity ultraviolet radiation, the disinfector meets a larger capacity of irrigation water disinfection, directly destroying viral DNA, disinfection efficiency up to 99%, protecting crops from pathogens. The system not only disinfects irrigation water, but also the recycled water, saving expensive fertilizers and reducing production costs.

The UV disinfector is designed and developed by Geek New Farm for the efficient disinfection of horticultural irrigation water. The system utilizes the principle of high-intensity UV radiation to directly destroy viral DNA, with a disinfection efficiency of up to 99%, protecting the crop from pathogens. The system can not only disinfect the irrigation water, but also thoroughly disinfect the recycled return water, which can save expensive fertilizers and fully reduce production costs. A large number of applications in real time to prove that the UV disinfection machine is an extremely stable and efficient disinfection system.

Geek New Farm can provide growers with a total solution in terms of return water disinfection. After disinfection, water and fertilizer resources can be recycled and reused, reducing waste and protecting the environment. When the UV lamp reaches the service life and needs to be replaced, the system will automatically send an alarm. In daily work, due to the water contains impurities, will be attached to the UV lamp, reduce the UV illumination, affect the disinfection effect. The system has an acid washing function, which will automatically clean the UV lamp to ensure effective and rapid disinfection. The UV sterilizer has the function of Internet of Things, which can be connected to the remote control cloud platform for remote operation through the network.

The broad spectrum of UV sterilization is the highest, it is highly efficient in killing almost all bacteria and viruses including bacterial propagules, bacilli, branching bacilli, coronaviruses, fungi, rickettsiae and chlamydia. UV sterilizers use UV lamps as a light source and use the UV light (253.7nm) emitted from the lamp to irradiate viruses or bacteria to achieve the purpose of killing. Ultraviolet light can be divided into UV-A (320-400nm), UV-B (275-320nm), UV-C (200-275nm) and vacuum ultraviolet part according to the difference of its biological role. Water treatment is actually the use of ultraviolet UV-C part, because the C-band ultraviolet light is easily absorbed by the DNA of living organisms, especially around 253.7nm of ultraviolet light is the best. Sterilization of bacteria and viruses is generally used in one to two seconds to achieve 99%-99.9% sterilization rate. Ultraviolet sterilization does not add any chemicals, so it does not produce secondary pollution of the water and the surrounding environment, does not change any components in the water, will not affect the formulation of irrigation. Medium pressure ultraviolet sterilizer (Lntel-UV-C) adopts the most advanced imported European UV lamps. Lamp service life is up to 12000-18000 hours.

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