FarmGeeker Smart irrigation System

Intelligent irrigation control system

Providing the optimum water and nutrients to the crop is a top priority for crop growth.

Geeky New FarmingThe intelligent irrigation control system automatically applies years of experience in irrigation, water disinfection and nutrient dosing to ensure that you manage your greenhouse irrigation in the best possible way.

System Architecture Diagram

Supporting hardware

Supporting Hardware And System

Acid blender

It is used for pretreatment of irrigation water. Pre-neutralize HCO3- ions in the water source to form a more stable acidic water source, and then neutralize most of the HCO3- ions through initial and cyclic adjustment, and then further eliminate the HCO3- ions to obtain a stable pH value so that plants can absorb fertilizer more effectively, improve crop yield and crop quality.

Ultraviolet disinfection machine

For efficient and safe disinfection of irrigation water. Using the principle of high intensity ultraviolet radiation, the disinfector meets a larger capacity of irrigation water disinfection, directly destroying viral DNA, disinfection efficiency up to 99%, protecting crops from pathogens. The system not only disinfects irrigation water, but also the recycled water, saving expensive fertilizers and reducing production costs.

Online fertilizer applicator

It is used for greenhouse soilless planting irrigation system, which adopts the online working method of mixing tank, the system stabilization time is fast, and the fluctuation is small after stabilization, which guarantees accurate fertilizer distribution and fast crop growth and creates the maximum benefit for growers.

Used in greenhouse soil cultivation irrigation systems, it helps growers inject fertilizer directly into the supply pipeline, easily achieving pharmaceutical-grade fertilization uniformity and fully guaranteeing crop growth consistency.

Achieving precise control of water and fertilizer during substrate cultivation can raise product quality to a higher level throughout the production chain. The weighing system optimizes the balance of oxygen and humidity in the substrate to obtain perfect root growth conditions for healthy root growth and increased crop yield through precise and timely irrigation and fertilization. At the same time, water and fertilizer use can be reduced, making it the best irrigation system startup solution for substrate growth.

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