FarmGeeker Smart greenhouse Climate Control System

Intelligent greenhouse environmental control system

An important condition for ensuring stable and high yields in modern greenhouses is a perfectly balanced climate. To provide the ideal growing environment for the crops, temperature, light, air humidity and CO2 concentration need to be precisely controlled according to the different crops.
Geeky New FarmingIntelligent greenhouse environmental control system, accurately set the environmental curve for each 24-hour period, providing you with better environmental control solutions.

System Architecture Diagram

Auxiliary equipment and systems

Supporting Hardware And System

External weather stations

Fully electronic meteorological equipment, using the latest technology to monitor meteorological elements, piezoelectric ceramic momentum type rain gauge, high-precision ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction monitoring, etc. Eliminate the traditional mechanical measuring equipment difficult to maintain, narrow range shortcomings. Through the national meteorological instrument quality supervision and inspection center CMA certification, the authority certified "accurate" and "stable".

Open windows for ventilation

The open window ventilation system provides very precise control of the greenhouse ventilation windows and is the core device for creating a crop-friendly environment. It provides a natural ventilation environment for the greenhouse. By adjusting the window opening angle with a gear motor, the ventilation window is driven to a precise angle, which greatly increases the ventilation area of the greenhouse, reduces the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse, creates a suitable environment for plant growth, and reduces the temperature and humidity inside the greenhouse by using the convection of the air in nature, which fully saves the operation cost.


Provides professional protection for plants and the environment in the greenhouse. It prevents damage to crops from direct sunlight and from excessive heat, cold and radiation, and creates the right climatic conditions for crop growth, maximizing crop yields. Smart fabrics also optimize light distribution, and the energy-saving properties of their materials allow growers to implement more sustainable and cost-saving cultivation methods.

Indoor sensors

Using a collection of smart sensors and a single integrated system, it accurately measures results and collects reliable greenhouse data such as light intensity, air humidity temperature, soil moisture, soil temperature, soil EC, etc. to help you make important adjustments when necessary to control crop growth conditions and achieve the perfect balance of temperature, light, air humidity and CO2 concentration.

Auxiliary lighting

Light is the basis for photosynthesis in plants. Supplementary lights allow plants to photosynthesize despite the lack of sunlight, thus adding color to the plants.

Insect protection net

Covered with insect-proof netting can not only effectively block pests from entering the shed and avoid insect damage to plants in the shed, but also regulate the temperature, humidity and soil temperature in the shed, prevent frost in spring and autumn, and have a shading effect in summer. It can also block foreign objects from entering the shed and prevent broken grass from falling on the plant leaves, which will affect the growth of plants and photosynthesis of leaves.

Fan ventilation

Create the best greenhouse climate. With a new design, a new motor and an improved motor-impeller combination, it is one of the most energy-efficient greenhouse fans in the world. The circulated air contributes to a balanced temperature distribution and stable relative humidity, ultimately ensuring homogeneous plant growth.

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