Provides professional protection for plants and the environment in the greenhouse. It prevents damage to crops from direct sunlight and from excessive heat, cold and radiation, and creates the right climatic conditions for crop growth, maximizing crop yields. Smart fabrics also optimize light distribution, and the energy-saving properties of their materials allow growers to implement more sustainable and cost-saving cultivation methods.

External black and white type sunshade curtains


Shade: 99%

Material: FDY+HDPE film+UV/HDPE film, monofilament+UV

Color: regular color inside the milky white, outside the black, can be custom woven all kinds of colors

Width: usually 4.3M, 5.3M, special width can be spliced according to the need.

Length: customized production

Shrinkage rate:≤1%

Function: Shading, heat preservation, energy saving and moisturizing/natural ventilation

Characteristics: with sunshade energy saving, decorative features

Warranty: 5 years indoor / 3 years outdoor

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