External weather stations

Fully electronic meteorological equipment, using the latest technology to monitor meteorological elements, piezoelectric ceramic momentum type rain gauge, high-precision ultrasonic wind speed and wind direction monitoring, etc. Eliminate the traditional mechanical measuring equipment difficult to maintain, narrow range shortcomings. Through the national meteorological instrument quality supervision and inspection center CMA certification, the authority certified "accurate" and "stable".

Full electronic monitoring of 10 meteorological elements

Severe weather warning

Help control weather winds

Every place has a unique climate, and only by obtaining real-time live data of local microclimate can we make informed decisions on important farming and disaster prevention. Based on real-time weather data and data models, Tianqi will promptly alert you to 7 severe weather warnings: forest fire danger, frost, high temperature, heavy rain, pollution, drought, and high wind, helping to reduce the hazards caused by severe weather.

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