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planting program

The management of production-related aspects determines the implementation of the planting plan to achieve the set production tasks

  • Technical parameters: low-cost, intuitive collection of planting parameters for small fields. It can independently and continuously collect soil environmental characteristics, sunlight irradiation, air temperature and humidity and oxygen content parameters related to field planting.
  • Planting Estimation: According to the setting of technical parameters, the current crop planting area (acres) is estimated to be able to produce a small amount of output per month. Ensure that the planting program can work properly.
  • Planting plan: The planting plan determines the size of the production budget, including the costs associated with the total annual use of seed, fertilizer, medication, labor, and the projected use of other means of production.
  • Yield plan: The overall area of the production site and the structure of the facilities determine the scale of planting, i.e., the total number of stubbles of the crop in the planting plan, the time of planting, the total area of planting, and the total production.

Planting tasks

Strengthening internal farm management and regulating the behavior of farm members

Build transparent planting chain, construct quality and safety defense line, easily manage every farming task and person in charge of crops every day, make management efficient and transparent, and make crops safe and secure. Thoughtful farming push, so that the person in charge of according to the reminder to complete the farming operation, and standardize the agricultural operation process and the use of agricultural materials to improve the efficiency of personnel work.

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traceability system

Through the informatization system, the main body of production can realize the detailed management of the production process. For agricultural producers to realize the agricultural operations of planting, irrigation, fertilization, application of medicine, harvesting and other agricultural operations throughout the process of recording and management services.
Module management for the construction of sales process, to realize the harvest of crops into the warehouse, out of the warehouse sales and customer resource information collection, for enterprise production to provide a convenient way of operation, later combined with the agricultural market monitoring and sales analysis, but also to assist the production enterprises to make a more accurate and scientific production, supply and marketing strategy.

environmental monitoring


Temperature and humidity monitoring: through the temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the farmland environment air temperature and humidity, surface temperature and humidity, soil temperature and humidity, etc., and can collect, analyze and calculate, control, store and send the data.


Light level monitoring: monitoring and recording the intensity of light in the farmland through light sensors and photosensitive sensors, and transmitting the relevant data to the user monitoring terminal through wireless transmission technology.


CO2,O2Concentration: Deploy carbon dioxide concentration sensors in the farmland to monitor the content of carbon dioxide in real time, and when the concentration exceeds the range of que value set by the system, the data will be sent to the user's monitoring terminal through wireless transmission, so that the relevant staff can make corresponding adjustments.

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Field microclimate observation: The farmland microclimate observatory can make direct measurements of conventional meteorology (atmospheric temperature, ambient humidity, average wind speed and direction, instantaneous wind speed and direction, precipitation, hours of light, etc.).


Irrigation and equipment linkage control: water irrigation and pesticide spraying adopt a set of pipeline system, which can be operated by automatic and manual methods according to the plant growth pattern.


Alarm control: Users can set the upper and lower limits of certain parameter indicators, above or below a certain temperature range will generate alarm messages. The alarm system can send field information to cell phones and computers to inform users.

Planting statements

Planting reports provide query and analysis of production data, financial data, etc., providing managers with data support for decision-making.

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Inventory management

Forecasting, planning and executing a replenishment behavior and controlling it

Agricultural transportation machinery, production and processing machinery, pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, agricultural films, etc.

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Naturally grown and artificially cultivated melons, fruits and vegetables, including those grown by agricultural producers using their own

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