ground source heat pump

Adopting sub-surface geothermal heat to provide heating for greenhouses, the geothermal energy used in ground source heat pumps is very stable and environmentally friendly, and a single ground source heat pump can provide heat for multiple greenhouses, realizing the efficient use of non-biomass energy sources.

  • Excellent selection: the use of brand compressors (Han Zhong / Fusheng), twin-screw unit structure, rotational imbalance force is extremely small, caused by the vibration and noise is extremely low; part of the load running balance, high efficiency.

  • Optimized design: the technical idea of "large temperature difference, small flow rate" saves valuable water resources for users, and also reduces the operating cost of the unit.

  • Independent research and development: the evaporator copper tube of the heat pump unit is internal threaded copper tube, and the condenser tube is external finned copper tube, so that the heat exchange coefficient and heat exchange capacity are greatly improved.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection: the unit throttling element adopts electronic expansion valve, which can accurately control the flow of refrigerant and ensure that the refrigeration system has a good performance level.

  • Advanced control: computer control and multiple protection, so that the whole machine safe operation; and with RS-485 interface, open Modbus protocol, can realize the centralized control of building automation.

  • Electricity safety: the strong and weak power distribution panel in the electric control box is separated, adopting independent power supply mode, realizing power supply isolation and strong anti-interference.

  • With the PLC remote monitoring system added to the unit, users can monitor and manage the remote unit by computer or cell phone.

  • The mainframe has completed the piping assembly and electrical control system at the factory, as well as the test run at the test bench, and only needs to be connected to the power supply, cooling water and chilled water at the site, so that it can be put into use.

  • Scope of application: ① Wide range of operating water temperature of ground source heat pump screw unit: 10~35℃; ② It can provide 7℃ or 50℃ hot and cold water for air conditioning as well as domestic hot water; ③ It can also be used as a heat source for centralized heating in urban areas.

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